Pieces put together

I once shipped a parcel with a clay gift item of Noah’s ark to my sister in Malaysia. On the ark were delicate, colorful animals including my favorite animal, the giraffe. However, after the parcel made its way across half of the globe to my sister’s, my nicely wrapped clay decor piece did not stay intact. If I remember it correctly, besides the giraffe that was broken from its neck, there were also other parts of the ark that would need some UHU glues to affix.

Fixing and patching back the debris… You have also had some vivid experience like that, don’t you?

How about plastering back all the pieces of a shattered vase or pitcher?

A new book by Holley Gerth addresses the “putting the piece together” process in our life journey. If the brokenness in our lives has made it difficult for us to believe that we could ever be amazing, this book is probably for you. Quoted from the image of a pieced-back-together pitcher that was mentioned in Angie Smith’s blog, Holley invites readers to consider the joy of one whose heart has been put together again by God Himself. The Lord — He is able — He could fill those seams and empty spaces with a grace that also comes with surprising joy. But, we need to desire for Him in order to claim such grace and joy. For discussions about the book, check out Bloom (in)courage Book Clubhttp://www.incourage.me/category/bloom

Turning fragments into beauty is God’s specialty.

He foreknew that when he gave us the choice of free will, we’ll mess up… and sometimes, mess it all up badly. But He is able to do it. He could pick us up again. He could do the patch work with us. He could do it so perfectly and completely that we could be whole again. And we, the same persons who have gone through brokenness in life, sufferings from any natural or unnatural cause, alienation in relationships, and so on and so forth — could now be a new creation. A new from the same old broken one. In Him and with Him, we acquire a new power and identity. We are shamelessly His. We are redeemed, so very much loved by Him, and so very much empowered to pave the way for His glorious Kingdom to come.

Look up to a fine cathedral window that was fashioned out of discarded glass fragments. That’s a poignant imagery of how fragments could be transformed into a state-of-the-art beauty. Are you more confident of how magnificent His completed “patched” work could be? And yes, by saying “patched” work, I mean us, the broken ones … if we would allow Him to piece us back together in His fashion, in His timing.

“Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
    your walls are continually before me.”  — Isaiah 49:16


About Florence Kuek

Was lecturer and researcher at a state university. Currently serving as Head of Student Services at a college. Has a pastoral heart for people. PhD candidate, Chinese Studies at University of Malaya.
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One Response to Pieces put together

  1. Crystal Kuek says:

    Yes, part of the clay decor animal and little boy were broken. However, the love hidden in the parcel reached us in perfect piece!

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