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When your day is dull, do you choose joy instead of dwelling in the blues? An amazing friend of mine is enduring hardship right now, but determined to embrace life with all she has in the Lord. While her suffering is … Continue reading

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On the morning when I turned 10, mom gave me an alarm clock as my birthday gift. “From today onwards, you’ll manage your own time.” She said. I was supposed to manage what time I was to wake up, what … Continue reading

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Family Grow Old Together

Have you inherited anything from your grandparents? What were your memories of the older generations? Do you still have your childhood pictures somewhere? In preparation of my wedding’s reception slide show, I needed old time pictures to begin the telling … Continue reading

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Best Things in Life are Free

The best things in life are free. You’ll probably ask me, what are my best things? And I’ll ask you back, what are yours? What are the best things in your life? Are your best things free? For me, the best things in life … Continue reading

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Words convey messages. Words are words, but they have power. Power to build, as well as power to tear down. Sometimes, our words hurt the feelings of others, not because we meant so, but that our words were misunderstood. There are times, … Continue reading

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Give me wings, O Lord

My dad has always been an over-protective dad. As his eldest daughter, I had quite some hard conversations with him during my preteen and teenage years. Even today, dad still gives me advices that reflect his fear that I would … Continue reading

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His love is such a mystery

I would like to post “I am the Reason” by Ng Wah Lok for meditation today. Ng was one of my first few mentors in song writing. “Today is Good Friday and we remember how Jesus died for us on the … Continue reading

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