broken bridges

Broken Father-son relationship, broken marriage, broken friendship…

Life’s only once.

You might be ready to stand against all odds to pursue your dream. But when you lost your own family due to the pressures and circumstances that were beyond your control, how would you reconcile with the nagging pain of your heart?

Sometimes, that’s really no concrete answer to issues of your life story.

A clue to rebuild the broken bridges in the award-winning Malaysian musical, “Broken Bridges,” might be Ming’s potential response to a fatherly call offered to him by Wong, his dad… But that’s provided that the blessing of his dad for him had ever come to his knowledge:

“I have not the chance to say this… You are home at last

Yet you never stay beside me… Please forgive the past

 If there’s way for me to show I care… Would I wait until this evening

Just to tell you that I’m there?

Perhaps I’ve angered heaven and hell… But do not smite him

Let him be well… For he’s my son

Will I ever get to know you?… It’s too late to start

Though we’re family… We seem like two whole worlds apart

You hold a place that’s… Special in my heart

But it doesn’t matter to me… If you never knew this part

You’re my son and always will be… You have my blessing to go free” **

broken bridges poster

My face’s wet with tears as Colin Kirton delivers the father’s cry with passionate singing.

Right there at the theater, I was pondering upon the brokenness of my own life. My heart couldn’t help but to look up to the Heavenly Father, who knows it all, who’s never made a mistake, but has freely offered a “home” for my heart.

At the shadow of the cross of Christ, I am His. He’s dealing with my broken life.

He knows it all. He has me covered.


** “Home at Last” – Broken Bridges Musical

Ref:  Steve Green’s “People need the Lord”  sang by Rey Boltz         


About Florence Kuek

Was lecturer and researcher at a state university. Currently serving as Head of Student Services at a college. Has a pastoral heart for people. PhD candidate, Chinese Studies at University of Malaya.
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One Response to Brokenness…

  1. Crystal Kuek says:

    “Better to go through the storm with Christ than to have smooth sailing without Him”.~~Our Daily Bread (25 May 2013) You are always loved by us!

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